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23/05/2016 225

SIMPLY CABS, a new taxi franchise, starts its engine today, intent on not only making its mark in the conventional door-to-door market but also the business class and airport transfer market.

The brainchild of Nick Finn, the Wellingborough-based company has teamed up with taxi software providers Eurosoft Tech to introduce what they call ‘a new brand of taxi that aims to set the bar high in the private hire market’.

Using the company’s app or online booking portal, customers will be able to order a cab in seconds and can expect a modern vehicle, equipped with free wifi and charging ports for mobile devices, to turn up at their door. Local fares will be calculated on distance, while a fixed pricing structure will be applied to airport trips and for longer journeys around the country.

Director Nick Finn says that there has already been a significant amount of interest in the brand, which will provide franchisees and drivers with full training in every aspect of the taxi business – with sales, marketing and accounts being handled from the head office in Northamptonshire.
In order to attract new people to the industry Simply Cabs will offer a ‘lease to own scheme’, enabling drivers the chance to buy the car of their choice over a fixed term, rather than paying rent. A back to work project has also been implemented to assist the unemployed, or those not in full-time employment, in obtaining a private hire licence and joining the business.

The company says it will be publishing its growth through social media to attract new drivers and franchisees with regular blogs and podcasts. A 12 month documentary is also under negotiation.




Is it a bird? Is it a plane?..
No it’s a flying taxi!!!!!!

How many times have you heard ‘Sorry i’m late me duck, traffic was a nightmare’. We haven’t got wings you know!!!
Well thanks to Airbus taxis may have wings as soon as 2020…

Can you imagine vertically landing in the taxi drop off area at Morrisons and then flying off over the queue to get out of the car park? What about poor Jock, cab 4. He’d lost without fellow road users to honk and shout at! Well thanks to Airbus taxis may have wings as soon as 2020. Airbus claims its hopes of creating an airborne taxi service will be put to the test this year; with the past a time for terrestrial local transport, and the future one of flight. Airbus CEO Tom Enders said “100 years ago, urban transport went underground. Now we have the technological wherewithal to go above ground,” He was discussing his company’s Project Vahana, an attempt to bring autonomous flying taxis into the sky. “We are in an experimentation phase – we take this development very seriously,” he said, highlighting the need for ‘green’ technology, while also lauding the affordability of such a plan. “With flying, you don’t need to pour billions into concrete bridges and roads,” he said. AI and autonomous vehicle developments are helping Airbus along this aerial road, with a project update in September providing detail on what it is the company really wishes to achieve. Rodin Lyasoff, CEO of A3 at Airbus (the group behind the project), wrote on Medium of Vahana’s ‘passion for personal flight’, with this air taxi not needing a runway or pilot. Designed to carry a single passenger or cargo, “we’re aiming to make it the first certified passenger aircraft without a pilot”, he wrote at the time. While 2017 will hopefully see a prototype of the pilot-free vehicle, a “productisable demonstrator” is planned before the end of the decade. And as with all new technological breakthroughs, Simply Cabs will be monitoring closely. You never know, Kellie, cab 3 maybe flying over the Queensway one day soon.

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